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B&I MAGAZINE keeps you in touch with various aspects of the building industry in Malaysia, such as the latest in building materials, green technology, projects & services etc. that may create business opportunities for you. As the leading bi-monthly building publication, it is also endorsed/supported by CIDB, MGBC, PAM, ILAM, MATRADE, & BMDAM of Malaysia.

With the winning combination of market intelligence and business leads, our editorial and circulation are progressively upgraded for the benefit of our advertisers, subscribers and readers.

For the benefit of the industry, we also welcome editorial contributions & press releases from SUBSCRIBERS but we reserve the right to edit or publish any contribution.

Information is knowledge; Knowledge is power

Greetings from BUILDING & INVESTMENT (B & I), a leading building publication in Malaysia.

Our 23-year-old bi-monthly publication INVITES you to subscribe to B & I MAGAZINE that is endorsed / supported by CIDB, BMDAM, PAM, MGBC and ARCASIA. Welcome to www.b-i.biz for more details.


  1. B & I provide 48 new project leads annually (average 8 new projects per issue) that may create business opportunities for you. Projects listed are generally before tender stage.
  2. We provide information on various aspects of the industry in Malaysia and a single success from our business leads will more than offset your subscription cost.
  3. In addition, you will be included in our e-broadcast list to receive current building news.
  4. We welcome editorial contribution from Subscribers but reserve the right to edit or publish it.

We look forward to your contribution and support towards the further improvement of our publication for mutual benefit.

Information is knowledge; Knowledge is power; Power is health & wealth.

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